Artist Name Release info Role Played link (album art) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ bUDi "WORLD/GO/DUh" 2021 uprite bass and special twinkle FLWR-EATR "Inside Out Side" (single) 2021 mini-boog, tx7 YlangYlang "Cycles and Decay" 2021 guitar, upright bass, toy piano pinksnail video for "cyclone" 2021 song, lyrics, production, filming, editing pinksnail "disastrous" 2021 songs, lyrics, production, etc Evelyn Charlotte Joe   with Ariel Bader-Shamai, Aaron Hutchinson, Vicky Mettler and Connor Bennett Chemigram Interpretation 2018-2019 piano, guitar, drum set, upright bass pinksnail (billed as heaby medal) "tripletriple" Released on Sad
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